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The Championships in numbers

ChampionshipsCityCountryDateAthletes NumberNumber Countries Participad
1º.SindelfingenGERMarch 10-14, 2004263858
2º.LinzAUTMarch 15-20, 2006322962
3º.Clermont-FerrandFRAMarch 17-22, 2008367065
4º.KamloopsCANMarch 2-7, 2010138462
5º.JyvaskylaFINApril 3-8, 2012272066
6º.BudapestHUNMarch 25-30,2014338369
7º.DaeguKORMarch 19-25, 2017436474

Championships Indoor

7th Indoor World Championships

  • Local: Daegu, Korea
  • Date: 19 – 25, March, 2017
  • Athletes: 4.364 competitors
  • Countries: 74 countries represented
  • LOC: Kwon Young, Mayor of Daegu. Daegu Metropolitan City and KAAF.
  • Site: Athletics Promotion Center, and Civil Life sports Center. Daegu Auxiliary Athletic  Stadium. Cross country at Suseong Family Park.
  • Now the largest Indoor entry to date. Daegu’s theme “Come, Run, Enjoy it” and it was enjoyed so much it was considered the best organised WMA championship to date. (Indoors and Outdoors) The WMA competition team working closely with the Daegu LOC officials made these a superb championship to be remembered by all the athletes and officials. A Welcoming Reception and Athletes Party was arranged and again was outstanding and enjoyed by, athletes, officials, dignitaries and the LOC. There were 23 new World records set during the championship. WMA President Stan Perkins gave the championship top billing over all WMA championships. Finally the LOC compiled the most comprehensive competition report as befit Korean tradition and culture. Thank you Daegu Metropolitan City. 
6th Indoor World Championships
  • Local: Budapest, Hungary
  • Date: 25 – 30, March, 2014
  • Athletes: 3,383 competitiors
  • Countries: 69 countries represented
  • LOC: Marton Gyulai,Chairman. Hungarian Athletics Association.
  • Site: SYMA Sports Centre. KSI Outdoor Track and Varosliget City Park.
  • The largest Indoor entry to date, well organised championship with the new WMA competition team having more involvement in the running of the championship. There was 53 World records set during the championships.
5th Indoor World Championships
  • Local: Jyvaskyla, Finland
  • Date: 3 – 8, April, 2012
  • Athletes: 2,720 competitors
  • Countries: 66 countries represented
  • LOC: City of Jyväskylä: Mikko Pajunen. Kalevi Olin 
  • Site: Hippos Hall, Harju Stadium, Jyväskylä Harbour. 
  • Live video streaming trialed. Excellent final report with financial impact breakdown
4th Indoor World Championships
  • Kamloops, Canada
  • Date: 2 – 7, March, 2010
  • Athletes: 1,384 competitors
  • Countries: 62 countries represented
  • LOC: Judy Armstrong and Bob Cowan
  • Site: Tournament Capitol Centre, Thompson River University.

3rd Indoor World Championships

  • Local: Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Date: 17 – 22, March, 2008
  • Athletes: 3,670 competitors
  • Countries: 65 countries represented
  • LOC: Annie Laurent, Jean Gracia
  • Site: Indoor Hall at Stadium Jean-Pellez, Aubiere, Clermont-Ferrand
2nd Indoor World Championships
  • Local: Linz, Austria
  • Date: 15 – 20, March, 2006
  • Athletes: 3,229 competitors
  • Countries: 62 countries represented
  • LOC: Percy Hirsch, for WMA: Wilhelm Koester, Brian Keaveney
  • Site: Indoor Arena, Linz
1st Indoor World Championships
  • Local: Sindelfingen, Germany
  • Date: 10 – 14, March, 2004
  • Athletes: 2,638 competitors
  • Countries: 58 countries represented
  • LOC German Regional Federation a.o.
  • Site: Glass-Palace, Sindelfingen 
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