World Masters Athletics Council

Championship Entries

Please be aware that entries to championships are not managed directly by the WMA, please direct all and any questions directly to the LOC or the entry operating system administrator.

You will have contact details within your confirmation emails.

Please read the T&C of the entry systems for each championships before entering, thank you

Change of Allegiance

If you are wanting to progress a Change of Allegiance, you will need the following

Documents required from the Member

​ ( formerly “Affiliate” ) ​ :

  • Email/ letter from the athlete, explaining and requesting change of allegiance to their Member(affiliate), clarifying : name of the athlete, address, date of birth, length of membership with the Member and masters category. An image (photograph or PDF file) of their present legal residence document must be included.
  • Email/Letter with letterhead from the athlete’s actual Member(affiliate) masters body requesting change of allegiance to the new Member(affiliate).
  • Email/Letter with letterhead from the athlete’s new Member(affiliate) masters body accepting change of allegiance of the athlete.

Complete information as above must be received by the WMA Secretary, for the decision of Approval to be considered and granted.

Current List of Athletes

How do I compete in Masters Athletics?

In order to compete at World Masters Athletics Championships you need to be part of your national organisation, please visit the REGIONS section and choose your relevant area, then go to the necessary area website and locate your contact as they will be able to assist you.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you further when it comes to joining your local country affiliation.

But we look forward to seeing you at any upcoming championships!

What are the age categories for Master Athletics?

The athlete must be 35 years old and up, “Athletes are divided by category according to age group as below:

Age    Male age‐group  Female age‐group
35 ‐ 39 M35 W35
40 ‐ 44 M40 W40
45 ‐ 49 M45 W45
50 ‐ 54 M50 W50
55 ‐ 59 M55 W55
60 ‐ 64 M60 W60
65 ‐ 69 M65 W65
70 ‐ 74 M70 W70
75 ‐ 79 M75 W75
80 ‐ 84 M80 W80
85 ‐ 89 M85 W85
90 ‐ 94 M90 W90
95 ‐ 99 M95 W95
100+ M100 W100



Non-Stadia: Those athletic events that are held outside of the stadium usually on road and/or cross country courses. They are usually the longer distance events.

Stadia: Those athletic events that are generally held within the Stadium usually running events on an oval track, and jumping and throwing events held on various specialized fields.

Masters: Women and Men of age 35 and up.

WMA: World Masters Athletics, the World Association of Masters Athletes. The organization designated by the IAAF to conduct the worldwide sport of Masters (Veterans) and Athletics (Track and Field).

What are the events of Masters Athletics?


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