Huge entry from South American countries in Malaga

Centenary Celebration

Confederacion Sudamericana De Atletismo (CONSUDATLE) was the first IAAF Area Association in the World, formed in May 1918, and is celebrating its Centenary in Buenos Aires this month.

It was some sixty years later (December 1980) that the ASOCIACIÓN SUDAMERICANA DE ATLETAS MÁSTER (ASUDAMA) was officially formed, also in Argentina, they used the word Veteranos (now Master) as the World Governing Body was then World Association of Veteran Athletes.  South American Masters have travelled in large numbers to World Masters Athletics Championships and competed with distinction. For some years their own Regional biennial Masters Track & Field Championships had the distinction of having more female competitors than male.  They hosted our Track & Field Championships in Brazil in 2013.

This vibrant Region now has one of their largest numbers of competitors travelling to Malaga, particularly in the younger age categories, including their W35 100m Champion Carol Maul De Aldana from Guatemala and bronze medallist Maria Del  Pielago, Chile, both have run under 13sec, and the Columbian, Zape Yanelle Del Mar has run 11.93 in the W40 80mH, only Anette Funck of Germany has a faster time 11.55sec.

The Organising Committee in Malaga are still processing the final entry, but when the official entries from all countries are available, South American countries will feature prominently.

Bridget Cushen