M50 European Indoor high jumper suspended

The latest IAAF list of Doping suspensions includes the M50 European Masters Indoor silver medalist, Oleg Kramar from the Ukraine, who failed an Anti Doping test at the Championships in Ancona, Italy, in 2016.

Kramar had entered the European Masters Athletics Track & Field Championships in Aarhus last July, but failed to appear to defend the title he won in Izmir (1.87m) in 2014. He got the silver medal at the World Masters Athletic Championships in Lyon in 2015 behind the Italian Marco Segatel (1.86m), Kramar (1.83m) and Steven Linsell, Great Britain (1.75m). The Frenchman Chrystophe Fontaney was 4th. That was a particularly strong competition with 23 participants.

Steven Lindsell said he was very surprised and shocked that he had been competing against fellow athletes who have been doping, adding that it’s encouraging to see that the systems in place do work.

Article by Bridget Cushen