Masters Athletics Family – Meet the Browne’s

When Great Britain M65 sprinter John Browne began racing in Masters athletics, his son Johnathan was just ten years old.

John has been a top 100 metres Masters sprinter in Britain for 25 years. At the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga, he competed in the M65 100 metres and placed 6th. However, later the same evening, he was able to see young Jonathan take the silver medal in the M35 100 metres! Better still, two days later, Jonathan won gold in the M35 200 metre at the Universidade Stadium.

How many father/son sprint duos have raced at the same WMA championships, I wonder? I can only think of one: Manfred and Matthias Konopka, from Germany. Matthias is still sprinting, as an M60, although Manfred retired from sport two or three years ago. They have both raced at the same WMA events several times in the past.


John & Jonathon Browne, Picture by Tom Phillips

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