Message from Margit Jungmann – WMA President

Dear Masters Athletics Family,

Please join me in thanking John Craig and his team at Toronto Athletics Event Management Inc. for their efforts to bring us the best WMA Championships ever. We were working to have the championships with them in Toronto. Unfortunately, for the reasons they mentioned in their announcement, the LOC found it was not appropriate to continue pursuing. We are all disappointed not to go to Toronto. We will not see what could have been.

People come together during challenging times and I know our masters’ community will continue to do so in the coming months. I am touched seeing this and no more than when working with all the great people to re-organize our championship. As you can imagine, there are many complexities and details to be worked out. WMA is coordinating with our regions and their championship schedules as well as we can to provide excellent competitions. Your patience is appreciated as we make the necessary plans. We will release the information as soon as we can.

I wish you and your families good health and strength through these trying times.





Margit Jungmann

President WMA


The Toronto LOC Statement
Final Notice Advising of Cancellation of WMATO2020