Official statement of WMA on throwing facilities in Tampere

All used hammer throws (TESC and Ratina) were legal, that means all competitions in all age groups are ok.



Javelin W35-55 o.k.

The heptathlon shot and javelin fields were legal

Ratina: All discus, hammer, javelin fields were legal


TESC: Unfortunately the only legal throwing facility for discus, javelin and weight throw was area 1.

For hammer only area 1 was used in TESC.


  • · All hammer, discus and weights throws in TESC Area thrown in area 1 were legal, the throws in areas 2 and 3 not.
  • · Throws pentathlons, other than M80+ were not legal

Considering these facts WMA states overall the following legal throwing facilities by age groups


Individual events

  • · Hammer – all groups
  • · Discus – all groups
  • · Javelin – all groups
  • · Weight Throw W35, W40, W45
  • · Weight Throw M35, M40, M45, M50, M55

Throws Pentathlon M80+