Race Walking Team Championships – Muscat 2022 

World Masters Athletics 

Race Walking Team Championships 

Muscat 2022 


General Rules 

Competition will be held under World Athletics regulations as modified for Masters by WMA via their Competition Rules and any other special rules specified for this competition. 

General Information 

Athletes may enter online or by using a paper entry form. Online is the preferred method of entry. See below for details about each method. All entries must include full payment to be considered valid. Athletes who cannot pay online must instead send a paper entry form and payment to their WMA National Masters Member (“Member”), which will then register them and pay on their behalf. 


The entry deadline Tuesday, 22 February 2022.  No entries will be accepted after the entry deadline. 

All entries are subject to validation by each athlete’s respective Member. Members will confirm the athlete’s date of birth, citizenship and/or residential qualifications and other relevant requirements. After an athlete’s registration has been validated, its status will display as “accepted” on the list of entries online at world-masters-athletics.com. Validation is a manual process that each Member completes, so there will be some time (days or weeks) between when you submit your registration and when it is validated. Athletes who have questions about the status of their entry should contact their Member. For athletes who reside in a country where there is no WMA National Masters Member or where the Member fails to fulfil its obligations, their entries will be subject to the approval of the WMA Council. 

Online Entry Procedure (Entry forms at the bottom of this page)

  1. Go to world-masters-athletics.com and complete the online entry form prior to the entry deadline. 
  2. Submit payment by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) at the end of the entry process.
  3. Print the confirmation screen for your records.
  4. If you have not previously competed in a WMA championship, you must send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member.
  5. Your Member will then validate your registration.

Paper Entry Procedure 

  1. Contact your WMA National Masters Member and request a paper entry form.
  2. Confirm the latest date required by your Member for submission of your paper entry. NB: Your Member MUST input your entry and payment into the on-line system by the closing date of Tuesday, 22February 2022 for it to be valid. 
  3. Complete the entry form and make a copy for your records.
  4. Mail the completed entry form and all entry fees to your Member prior to the entry deadline (do not send paper entry forms directly to the LOC). Paper entries sent to your Member for processing MUST include all entry fees.
  5. If you have not previously competed in a WMA Championships, you must send a copy of your birth certificate to your Member. Your Member will submit your registration, pay on your behalf and validate your registration.


WMA National Member Requirements 

WMA requires that each Member validate all relevant entries electronically via the online entry system. The Local Organizing Committee (“LOC”) will accept only those entries that have been validated by Members. Each Member must also input any paper entries it receives from its athletes into the online entry system. Payment is required at the time the entries are submitted. If for some reason a Member is unable to pay online, it must request an exemption from WMA. If the exemption is granted, the Member will be provided with details about how to pay offline. 

The Member will still be required to input paper entries into the online entry system and to validate its entries electronically. All entries must be submitted online and paid before Tuesday, 22 February 2022. Any entries for which WMA has not received payment by this deadline will be cancelled, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete. No exceptions will be allowed. In addition, all entries must be validated before Friday, 25 February 2022. Any entries that have not been validated by this deadline may be rejected, and those athletes will be ineligible to compete. 

Members will receive communications regarding the entry process prior to the start of registration. Members that do not receive these communications should contact the WMA Secretary. 


Qualifications for Entry 

The 2022 World Masters Athletics Race Walking Team Championships in Muscat, Oman are open only to men and women who were born on or before 04 March 1987 and who are physically fit. Entry signifies that each competitor must follow the rules laid down by the technical and organizing committees. WMA has the right to reject entries of athletes considered ineligible through misconduct or other disciplinary related matters. 

Individual events are divided into age groups as shown below: 

Classification  Birthday (Born from…) 
M&W 35  05 March 1982 to 04 March 1987 
M&W 40  05 March 1977 to 04 March 1982 
M&W 45  05 March 1972 to 04 March 1977 
M&W 50  05 March 1967 to 04 March 1972 
M&W 55  05 March 1962 to 04 March 1967 
M&W 60  05 March 1957 to 04 March 1962 
M&W 65  05 March 1952 to 04 March 1957 
M&W 70  05 March 1947 to 04 March 1952 
M&W 75  05 March 1942 to 04 March 1947 
M&W 80  05 March 1937 to 04 March 1942 
M&W 85  05 March 1932 to 04 March 1937 
M&W 90  05 March 1927 to 04 March 1932 
M&W 95  05 March 1922 to 04 March 1927 
M&W 100+  Born on or before 04 March 1922 

The Mixed Relay is divided into age groups as shown below:

Classification Birthday (Born from…)

  • M&W 35+ Born on or before 04 March 1987
  • M&W 50+ Born on or before 04 March 1972
  • M&W 60+ Born on or before 04 March 1962
  • M&W 70+ Born on or before 04 March 1952

Mixed Relay



March 4, 2022

Start time 19:00

Age groups:

  1. 35+
  2. 50+
  3. 60+
  4. 70+

The age of a relay team is based on the age of the youngest athlete on March 4, 2022.

Each relay team consists of two athletes from the same Member country.

One female and one male athlete per relay team.

Countries can enter as many relay teams as they wish.

Either athlete can start the relay, race walk two laps (4 km) and hand off to the next athlete (via local COVID-19 rules at the time).

Each athlete competes twice for a total of 8 km per athlete.

Finishing place is based on the total time of each relay team. The top three relay teams in each age group medal.


10 km Race Walk


March 5, 2022

Start time 19:00

Age groups:

Standard WMA 5-year female and male age groups starting at 35

All athletes (female and male) start at same time.

The top three finishers in each female and male 5-year age group medal based on time.

The 10 km Race Walk also has teams.

Team age groups:

  • 35+
  • 50+
  • 60+
  • 70+

Teams consist of three athletes of the same sex (teams are not mixed). The age of a team is based on the age of the youngest athlete on March 4, 2022.

Team finishing place is based on the total time of each team. The top three teams in each female and male team age group medal.


Have technical questions about Masters races? E-mail: masters@sympatico.ca

Further information about our collaboration with World Athletics for this event can be read on our recent new item HERE

And specifically about the event vie the World Athletics Website 

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