Monaco, January 7th, 2020: World Masters Athletics (WMA) is pleased to announce a one-year partnership with VKTRY Gear, maker of the world’s first carbon fibre performance insole, effective this month.

WMA is committed to securing partnerships with organisations and brands like VKTRY Gear for the common goal they share of not only supporting masters athletics but also the spectators they attract—adults, youth, children, and whole families. Working together, WMA and its sponsors, will expand existing international event platforms on which athletes can excel in their sport, exercise their passion and receive global acclaim.

“I am pleased that due to the efforts of our newly formed Marketing Communications Committee, WMA has successfully secured VKTRY, as the first in what we hope will be many partnerships in support of our Masters athletes. The aim of WMA is to expand its marketing activities to invest more in the quality of our championships,” said Margit Jungmann, President, WMA (world-masters-athletics.com).

“We are very proud to partner with WMA, the premier international organisation for serious athletes seeking to maximise their potential. VKTRY Insoles have been designed to help athletes achieve their personal best while also providing added protection against injuries,” said Stephen Wasik, CEO, VKTRY Gear (VKTRYGear.com).

VKTRY Insoles are made from aerospace grade carbon fibre that help athletes improve their energy return. The custom insoles are available in five different levels of flexibility, which are determined based on an athlete’s body weight and sport.  VKs are scientifically proven to enhance explosiveness (+9.3%) and provide injury protection (studies available upon request).  Athletes at over 250 professional and college teams are now wearing VKTRY Insoles for training and competing.

WMA has become a truly global organisation since 2001. It holds many championships in the various parts of the world where it’s represented– Africa, Asia, Europe, North/Central America, Oceania and South America. With the motto “Athletics for Life”, WMA showcases masters athletes aged 35 to 100 and beyond. They are proof that regular exercise enhances one’s quality of health and living.

WMA has been steadily growing since its inception in 1977 and is now attracting a combined audience of over 12,000 (athletes and spectators) to its biannual Outdoor Championships. The next one will be held in Toronto, Canada, July 21 – August 1, 2020–WMAToronto2020.com.

About VKTRY:
VKTRY was created and founded by certified Pedorthist Matt Arciuolo, who initially developed an early generation of the insole for the USA Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton teams.  The product design evolved following the Olympics and Arciuolo received a patent in 2015.  The Milford, Conn. based company began manufacturing and marketing the insoles in 2016.  VKTRY Insoles are proudly made in the USA.  For more information, www.VKTRYGear.com.



Clara Northcott

WMA Marketing Communications


Cell: 416-562-5900