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An Interview with John Ranello, 69-year-old elite athlete and personal trainer at Cowboy Fit in Dallas TX

I am a firm believer that intense physical activity keeps you young. I’ve been training hard most of my life. Unfortunately, when I hit about 60 years old, my body stopped cooperating. After my workouts, I would have to ice my knees, my hips and my back. I felt like I was spending as much time icing as I was training – and that was discouraging.”

Three years ago, an NFL coach introduced me to VKTRY Insoles. I had tried everything, so I figured why not. As soon as I slipped the carbon fiber insoles into my shoes, I immediately felt the energy return and saw an improvement in my athletic performance. For example, my max box jump went from 36 to 39 inches.”

“But even more importantly, in the last three years, I have not had to ice down my body one single time after my workouts. The added stability and shock absorption from VKs is real. Wearing VKTRY Insoles allows me to train hard and reduce the time I need to recover from workouts.”

“High intensity weight training, plyometrics, and sprinting is my fountain of youth. These activities keep me sharp… they work… and VKTRY Insoles also work! I train over 40 athletes a week and I encourage all of them to try VKTRY.”

To see John in action, check out this video: Ranello & VKTRY.

To learn more about VKTRY Insoles, simply visit www.VKTRYgear.com.


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“I like that as I am pushing off the track, whether sprinting or jumping, my force output is reciprocated and returned upward. I have been POPPING up off the track! VKTRY Insoles are officially a part of my training cycle. I use VKs every day in my trainers and in my jump spikes.” – Mike Hartfield, Olympic Long Jumper who broke Jesse Owens’ 77-year old record at Ohio State.

“As I continue to work out in your VKTRY Insoles I’m convinced that this is a one of a kind product. …more height at takeoff in the long jump…more explosive out of the starting blocks.” – Tianna Bartoletta, Long Jumper, Sprinter, and 3X Olympic Gold Medalist.

“I use the insoles for my track spikes running sprints and long jumps in masters athletics competitions. They’ve really helped me and my big flat feet keep it tight with great feeling stiffness in the foot bed and excellent feeling toe off! Thank you VKTRY. I want another pair!” – 5 Star Rating from Michael (WMA Athlete)


About VKTRY:
VKTRY, the world’s first carbon fiber performance insole, was created and founded by certified Pedorthist Matt Arciuolo. He developed the insole for the USA Olympic Bobsled and Skeleton teams and received the patent in 2015.  The product has been independently tested and is proven to improve athletic explosiveness by +9.3%

The Milford, Connecticut based company began manufacturing the insoles in 2016. Today, athletes from over 300 pro and college teams are using VKs. VKTRY Insoles are proudly made in the USA. Any questions, please contact us at Info@VKTRYgear.com.