WMA Council has approved use of the updated Age Grading Factors: “WMA Council accepts the statistical analysis undertaking on their behalf by the expert panel on Age Grading. The outcomes of that analysis are implemented globally from the 1st of January 2023 till further notice by all competition organizers affiliated to and operating within the […]

As we get ever so closure to the World Championships in Malaga, our very own Bridget Cushen continues with the build up by previewing the awe inspiring monster event that is the Decathlon The Decathlon was first included in a World Masters Athletic Championships in Eugene, Oregon in 1989 attracting 196 competitors to the home […]

All the information you require for competition including changes of allegiance and competition rules Documents: 2023 Rules of Competition  2023 WMA Appendix B RULES Appendix Change of Allegiance (April 2022) (Details on how to Change are Here) Championship Rules (Last update: 2013/2016) Combined Events Age Grading Tables  – Age Factors (2023) WMA Rules of Competition […]